2 Pints (I.S.)

Lissa and I grab spoons out of the kitchen drawer. We are stuffed from dinner, but that isn’t going to stop us from devouring the sweet cherry-infused frozen treat, chilled to a creamy consistency and loaded with bits of chocolate. Cherry Garcia is what this rare and delectable treat is called. Unfortunately, the ice cream is still frozen solid after being packed in dry ice. We chip away at it, spoonful by spoonful, until we can’t possibly eat any more. Half remains. The rest, along with a second pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie will have to wait until the following day. Hopefully the dry ice lasts that long!

Catherine and Jake showed up about a month or so ago as first time visitors. Like many visitors Catherine was very inquisitive about what it is like to live at a hot spring. While chatting with her throughout the day she asked what the thing we craved/missed the most was. Ice cream (mostly in the form of milkshakes ) had been a staple in my diet before moving to the woods. Little did we know, Catherine began hatching out a plan to deliver that creamy treat! Upon check out Catherine asked us what our favorite flavors of ice cream were. We told her and she took a mental note. While she seemed very serious about getting us ice cream, I didn’t put much faith into it and passed it off as just fanciful talk. We meet so many new visitors in a week that soon after their departure Catherine and Jake quickly passed out of thought.

Fast forward a month later to a cold, wet Friday evening. The bell outside rings. Up walk two drenched hikers, one carrying a small cooler strapped to her chest. As the two visitors step forward under the porch awning, they flip off their hoods. It’s Catherine and Jake and they have returned bearing a precious gift – 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream packed on dry ice! Lissa and I stood in amazement and joy. This has got to be a first – visitors trekking the 4.5 miles in with a cooler full of ice cream, and on a rainy June day no less.

Thank you Catherine and Jake for the lovely treats!

Catherine admits that she searched several stores looking for my favorite flavor, Dave Mathews Encore, but wasn’t able to find it, so she brought a vanilla-cherry-chocolate flavor and hoped that would satisfy my ice cream addiction. It sure did! To show our appreciation we invited them over the following morning for a brunch of blueberry pancakes and a tour of our summer digs, a rare treat for visitors.*Later that Saturday afternoon, the weather turned from rainy to storming, dropping hail the size of pea gravel, and streaking lightning across the sky. Lissa’s brother was visiting for the weekend, and the three of us sat in the shelter of our abode, watching the stormy sky and polishing off the semi-melted pint of chocolate ice cream. By the following day, the last of the dry ice had melted along with what was left of the Cherry Garcia. Pretending I once again beheld a milkshake, I slurped-up the remnants of our wonderful rare treat.   


*Note: Please do not expect to be given a tour of the cabin or invited inside in exchange for gifts. Goldmyer caretakers do not accept trades or bribes for privileges, payment, or special treatment of visitors. This was a special exception in which we offered the invitation. The caretaker’s cabin is a private residence, our home. Please respect our privacy. Thank you.


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