Kayak Morning Alaska

8/12/15 – Journal Entry


Kayak morning. Whoosh-exhale. A pod of porpoises break the choppy waters. Mereswine. Breathe in. Dive. Come up for air. Paddle Paddle Paddle. Splash Splash Splash. Pounding rain and wind beat against my face. There is no staying dry in this Patagonia Torrent shell jacket. The salty sea tastes good against my lips. Paddle Paddle Paddle through the swell. Plastic roller-coaster ride on the waves. Smile. Big grin. Eerie, tremolo loon calls echo on the wind. A ray of sun emerges. A patch of blue pierces through the dark grey Alaskan clouds.  A sucker hole has appeared! Keep paddling. Round an island. Calm waters. Sky clearing. Destination reached – Clover Island. Yeah more sun! Skies changing. Eagles screaming. Time for rock towers, beach yoga, kelp pickin’ and low tide exploring. Silent contemplation. Shed the clothes, lie back in the sun and listen to the wail of the loons. Fire cracklin’; Or is it the crab legs breakin’? The sunset stunning.


Conk blowin’ – What is this, Lord of the Flies? Meditation morning. Spiderwebs glisten with mist through the coastal forest. Banana slugs chompin’. Calm seas and bright sun emerge. This is one large sucker hole! Watch the interchange between high and low tide. Fucus crunches and pops under feet like bubble wrap while walking the rocky beach. Soak it up and enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy all of it while it lasts. Holdfast to the Earth, to the land before it’s gone; before the shifting current takes me back out to sea.

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