Critical Ass: Why I Biked the Streets of Portland Naked

It didn’t take long after shedding my clothes that I soon forgot that I was even naked. When you are surrounded by thousands of other naked people, it becomes so normalized.


Kayak Morning Alaska

8/12/15 – Journal Entry Kayak morning. Whoosh-exhale. A pod of porpoises break the choppy waters. Mereswine. Breathe in. Dive. Come up for air. Paddle Paddle Paddle. Splash Splash Splash. Pounding rain and wind beat against my face. There is no staying dry in this Patagonia Torrent shell jacket. The salty sea tastes good against my…

The Boise Foothills: My New Backyard

May 13, 2014 A rusty barb-wire fence divides the landscape. Strung high above the the fence, are pulsating electric wires that ruin the skyline view. The sound of rubber tires rolling across quartz sand fills my ears as mountain bikers zoom past. Black beetles scurry out of their way, as do I. In-between the bikers…