Life at Goldmyer Hot Springs

During the spring of 2012, I landed one of the best jobs of my life: Resident Caretaker of Goldmyer Hot Springs. On April 4, my best friend Lissa and I moved into a small, off-the-grid cabin located in the heart of the Middlefork of the Snoqualmie River Valley where we would remain for the next 6 1/2 months. The below stories are about my life living Goldmyer.

Copyright 2012 J.Blakely
Old-timy photo of me in front of our cabin

The Beginnings

A Brief Overview of Goldmyer Hot Springs

Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My!!!


Moving In Via Sled: Turtle Style

Spring Time and the Livin’ Is Easy

The Dirty Life of Caretaking

Interaction Shorties: Harmonica Fire and Being Young Again

Reflections Through the Fog

“I’ll Be Your Caretaker This Evening” (I.S.)

2 Pints (I.S.)

A Two-Headed Snake

Paid in Soaks

A Quiet Forest

Tent Stakes and Underwear

In the Shadow of Grandpa

“Do not come and roam here unless you are willing to be enslaved by its charms. Its beauty and peace and harmony will entrance you. Once it has you in its power, it will never release you the rest of your days.” – Gordan Wallace

Goldmyer Hot Springs

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