Marriage Momentum in Idaho: Witnessing History

James Blakely was arrested in Idaho protesting for LGBTQ rights. Months later, he had the opportunity to see two dear friends married in the courthouse. Tears of joy abounded.


The Boise Foothills: My New Backyard

May 13, 2014 A rusty barb-wire fence divides the landscape. Strung high above the the fence, are pulsating electric wires that ruin the skyline view. The sound of rubber tires rolling across quartz sand fills my ears as mountain bikers zoom past. Black beetles scurry out of their way, as do I. In-between the bikers…

A Walk Through the Alberta Tar Sands

July 4, 2013 From the vestibule of my tent, I put on tennis shoes caked with Athabascan mud. Yesterday’s rain turned parts of the campground along Gregoire Lake into a slick and gooey mess. I crawl out of my tent to greet the gray day and the mosquitoes. The air is warm considering the current…